MongoDB - Path

MongoDB Basics

In this part we will talk about the basics of MongoDB including: Databases, Collections, CRUD, Aggregation and more.

MongoDB Advanced Topics

In this part we'll know more about advanced topics in MongoDB like: Indexes, Transactions, Map Reduce, and more ...

MongoDB Administration and Security

Security is an important part of every project to secure your mongoDB database. MongoDB provides various features, such as authentication, access control, encryption, to secure your MongoDB deployments. Some key security features include:

Security checklist

  • Enable Access Control and Enforce Authentication
  • Configure Role-Based Access Control
  • Encrypt Communication (TLS/SSL)
  • Encrypt and Protect Data
  • Limit Network Exposure
  • Audit System Activity
  • Run MongoDB with a Dedicated User
  • Run MongoDB with Secure Configuration Options
  • Periodic/Ongoing Production Checks

The following link provides a list of security measures that you should implement to protect your MongoDB installation: Security Checklist

In production you should always enable authorization. MongoDB does not enable access control by default. You can enable authorization using the --auth or the security.authorization setting in mongodb config file.